Do You Know How to Be Well?

I met a man recently at a party and we got to talking about wellness. He was telling me about his plans to “lose weight”. This was my favorite part: “I know what I have to do. I’ve lost 50 pounds six times.”

He meant it. And technically, he’s right. He does know how to lose weight. He’s lost a lot of weight and he’s done it several times. In a certain light, this man could be considered an expert on weight loss.

But you can see the hole in his logic, right?

Let’s say the powers that be in your city decide they want to build a new bridge across a river. They hire a pedigreed civil engineer and she designs a bridge. Millions of dollars are spent, tons of steel are erected, and there you have it—a fancy new bridge. People drive over it and it’s the prize of your city. Then it collapses six months later and hundreds of people perish in the river below. Is this engineer a bridge-building expert? Does she know how to build a bridge? Of course, not. Imagine they re-hired her six times.


That’s what party guy is doing. Does he know how to lose weight? Hell no! He knows how to build an inevitably collapsing bridge.

He told me, “I cut out fat and salt. I make all my food for the week on Sundays and I portion everything out. I eat the same thing every day. It works every time.”

It sure is sexy. It’s the works-every-time part I reject. It hasn’t worked once.

Which brings me to my question: Do you know how to be well or do you think you know how to be well?

Are you actually in tune with yourself and your needs? Is the way you’re taking care of yourself working for you? Will your approaches stand the test of time or will your bridge collapse one day too?

I challenge you with these questions the same way I challenge myself with them often. Once we close the doors on what isn’t working, we can be open to what will work. I’ve released so much of what I thought I knew about wellness in order to let in more and more wisdom over many years. Is there something for you to release today?



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