New York City Is Nature

I came accross this Joe Rogan quote recently and it really spoke to me. I thought you’d find it interesting too.

Photo 104--Joe Rogan Quote

Makes sense, right? Would you ever see an antelope go off away from all of the other antelopes to be all by itself? Part of nature are the various communities that all of the creatures live in. Just like we can be in awe of a birds nest or a beehive or a beaver dam, is a college campus with its various dorms, academic buildings, and open fields not natural? Is downtown Portland where I live not natural with our places to live, our places to eat, our places to meet all of our needs together not natural? Is this six-story building that I live in not an elaborately created beaver dam, made from the earth’s materials an ideal place for many of us to sleep, rest, work and a place for us to interact with one another?

Nature is all around us, wherever we are, even in a very big city like New York City. Because we are as much a part of nature as any tree, any river, or any other animal. We deny our place in nature when we make nature something “out there”, something separate from us. Something we go “spend time in”. This is a limiting thought, keeping us thinking that we can only enjoy nature when we get to drive out of town for the weekend or go on vacation to the mountains or when we get out of work. That water-cooler chat you just had with that wonderful guy/gal you work with, that’s nature. People in any community. That’s nature. That’s our nature.



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