Freshlike Beets–Not Kidding

Photo 93--Freshlike Beets

I saw these “Freshlike Beets” at the food store. You’ve got to give the company some credit for their honesty, right? They’re willing to admit their beets are sort of like fresh beets, but not exactly. Hilarious! This food product is a good commentary on really the only one real distinction you need to make to eat a nourishing diet. It wasn’t until about 100 years ago that we had anything other than whole, natural, real food. Major sociological changes such as the two World Wars, women leaving home for the workplace, and oil becoming very inexpensive have all led to major changes in what is available for us to eat as they all led to the advent of food products (a.k.a. processed foods). Our ancestors only knew food.

There’s something very, very interesting about the distinction between food and processed food: You literally CANNOT overeat foods! This is fascinating. One of the major things people have worried about in the past few decades is how to not eat too much. This is the premise behind nearly every diet created. They are all based on a system devised to make sure you don’t eat too much. Here’s where it gets fascinating: This all comes from the advent of processed food. When you eat processed food, you don’t get full like you do when you eat food, because many of the nutrients have been stripped away in the processes of processing the food.

Don’t believe me that you can’t overeat food? Do these experiments:

1. Eat five apples.
2. Eat one pound of baby spinach.
3. Eat half of a jar of peanut butter.
4. Drink a cup of olive oil.
5. Have 12 scrambled eggs.

You won’t be able to do it. You will either become nauseas or the food will simply stop tasting good. Isn’t this amazing? With real food, it tastes great when you need the nutrients and it stops tasting great when you’ve got the nutrients you need! Consider the five-apple experiment. That first apple will taste great. The second one pretty good. The third one okay. They the thought of eating another apple will be kind of disgusting. Your body has natural mechanisms for hunger and satiety. These natural mechanisms work perfectly when you eat real food. It’s ONLY when you eat a diet heavy in processed food that overeating even becomes a consideration.

I’m aware that this is a radical thought. But if you really think about it (and if you really try some of these experiments), I think you will find it to be true for you.

My experience and the experience of thousands of people I’ve coached is that this works both short-term, and even better long-term. That is, even the first time you try to eat five apples, you won’t be able to do it. But even better, when you eat a real-food diet over a number of weeks, any tendency you have to overeat will become completely obliterated and you will never think about it again. You will simply eat meals when you are hungry and you will naturally and effortlessly eat an amount that is right for you, without having to think about it.



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