Why Circuit Workouts Rock

Photo 78--Push-Up

Circuit workouts, workouts where you do one exercise right after the other, are amazing! Here’s why:

1. In one workout, you get to move in a variety of ways. In biomechanics, we talk about movement in the sagittal plan (front-and-back motions), frontal plan (side-to-side motions), and transverse plan (rotational movements). In a great circuit workout, you move in all of these plans through the great variety of exercises you do.
2. You do a lot of movement in a short period of time. There’s no reason to do workout that are two hours long. Most people can do sufficient movement in an hour or so, or even less. That’s really easy to do in a circuit workout.
3. There are so many great bodyweight exercises that can be used in circuit workouts as well as exercises that only require a small amount of equipment. So circuit workouts work great in your home, in a hotel room, outside when the weather is conducive, and then can be done in a gym if you like.
4. You get to work on strength, the ability to make forceful movements, and endurance, the ability to sustain movement. Strength plus endurance equals vitality in your daily life!

There you go, circuit workouts foster multi-plan movement, they’re efficient in that you get to do a lot of movement in a short period of time, they can be done virtually anywhere, and they’re great vitality boosters!

Here’s a fun circuit workout for you to try. Do one exercise right after the other to complete the circuit. Do the circuit three to six times, resting one to three minutes after each circuit.

1. Tuck Jump, 8 reps
2. Standing Mountain Climber, 1 Minute
3. Burpee, 8 reps



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