Turn Breakdowns into Breakthroughs

Do you sometimes experience a challenge in your relationships or in your work? Do you sometimes experience an injury, illness, disease, or lack of vitality? Of course you do—we all do!

Consider these breakdowns. You’re not thriving, you’re not living as well as you’d like to be. When we experience breakdowns, big or small, we can have a tendency to catastrophize and breakdown further. But did you know that you can actually turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs? Let me show you how:

1. Acknowledge the breakdown. Acknowledge that you are off course. “Something is not working right here.”
2. Affirm your possibility. State what you want. “I want to feel close with my partner.” “I want to have more energy.” “I want to really be enjoying my work and feeling like I’m making a difference.” (Whatever it is for you.)
3. Create a list of actions that will get you what you want.
4. Take action. Right away. Even if it’s small. Make it big if you can make it big at the time. But no matter what, take some action.

This is a powerful method for living the life you want to live! You replace blaming and worrying with a clear mind and purposeful action! Give it a shot!

Photo 65--Rocket Ship



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