What’s Your Story?

Today, are you living today or are you living in the past? Are you approaching your work and your relationships today from the perspective of today or from the perspective of your past? Let’s consider an example. You’re home after working making dinner and waiting for your partner to come home. He’s 10 minutes late, then 20. You call him and he does not answer. Finally, he arrives and you explode at him as he walks in the door. You tell him that he’s a jerk and inconsiderate for not calling and that you were worried. You have no idea, to this point, why he was late or why he didn’t call. It doesn’t matter. You’re reacting from your past. When you were in sixth grade, your mom was supposed to pick you up after soccer practice. You waited and waited and waited. All the other kids got picked up by their parents already, but not you. You kept waiting.  You, of course, have no idea why your mom was so late.

In all the events of our lives, there are two things going on:

1. There’s WHAT HAPPENED. This is actually what happened.
2. There’s YOUR STORY of what the meaning is of what happened.

In the case of our example, your mom was really late in picking you up after soccer practice. That’s what happened. Your story was that the people who love you always abandon you and that you are unlovable. So when your partner was late for dinner, to you, it was not just he was late for dinner. Your reaction was that you were being abandoned and that you are unlovable.

The way to live fully in the present is to complete your past. Consider things that have happened in your life and see the stories that you have created about them. Then simply step away from the stories. What happened happened. The stories we have designed ourselves and we can let them go. The result is freedom to live in the now.

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