The Most Harmful Nutrition Lies

When a nutrition lie takes hold, it can run like wildfire and be told for years. Here are three big ones debunked.

1. Soy is health food. In fact, most soy products are extremely processed and 90 percent of them come from genetically modified soy. Literally thousands of scientific studies have linked consumption of soy products with diseases including breast cancer, kidney stones, reproductive problems, food allergies, and more.

2. Low-fat diets prevent obesity and cardiovascular disease. I this were true, Americans would be lean and mean since low-fat diets have been touted since the 1970s. But since the first major government guidelines on low-fat diets came out, obesity rates have doubled.

Photo 63--Obesity Graph

3. You should eat many small meals a day. This myth is based on the seemingly reasonable premise that eating frequently sustains your blood-sugar levels. No research has ever shown that eating frequently has these benefits. It seems we need regular periods of fasting for maximum wellness. This makes sense, considering that until very recent evolutionary times, humans would not have constant access to food, but would continually go between periods of eating and periods of fasting. When we go periods of time without eating (I’m talking four or five hours; not days), our bodies naturally burn fat for energy. In these periods of time between meals, our digestive systems also get a rest, instead of needing to be constantly breaking down food.



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