3 Wellness Tips for a Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Here are three quick tips to boost your wellness today:

1. Chew your water, drink your food. This ancient saying, in its simplicity, says a lot. Chew your water means to drink slowly. Avoid taking huge gulps of water or drinking lots of water all at once. Rather, simple water throughout the day, all day long. Drink your food means to chew your food thoroughly so that it is liquid-like before you swallow it. Digestion begins in our mouths. When you chew your food thoroughly, you begin the digestion process optimally.
2. Do some new exercise. Some new exercise. Some exercise you’ve never done before. Maybe you always exercise at the gym? Try getting out for a hike or a run. Maybe you always take the same yoga class? Try a new style of yoga. Maybe you do the same exercises every time you go to the gym. Try these. Variety keeps things fun!
3. Connect with a friend you’ve been meaning to connect with. Call him today. You know it will be nice. You have the time. Any initial awkwardness you feel from not connecting with your friend in a while will quickly dissipate and you’ll both feel so good to be in touch with each other.

Photo 61--Friends Talking on the Phone



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