What Are You Addicted To?

I read an interesting definition of addiction recently: An addiction is any outside solution to an inside problem. In this light, we can be addicted to virtually anything, not just heroin or alcohol.  Literally anything that feels good, or even doesn’t feel as bad as your inside problem, can become an addiction.  It goes like this.  We have a bad feeling inside.  Outside solution (alcohol, working a lot, sex, etc.) feels better.  So we do the thing that feels better and we keep doing it and doing it and doing it–and we have an addiction.  The real problem is the unaddressed inside problem.

We all have some pain inside (an inside problem). In some way, we lack true security—true peace and joy. So we seek external solutions. Out inside pain can be healed, but to do so, we have to let go of our outside solutions, our addictions. I’ve been addicted to exercise, to perfectionism, to withdrawing from intimate connections. Most people don’t take a good, honest look at their addictions until something really painful happens. But today you have the opportunity to take this good, honest look. What are you addicted to? What false self are you holding onto that keeps you from being your true self and bring your unique gifts to the world? Here’s what I can tell you from my personal experience—letting go hurts, a lot, but it feels so good once you do it and it frees you to entirely better levels of health and happiness. Trust me.

Photo 60--Person Doing Drugs



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