What Are You Thinking?

Do you ever have any of these thoughts? Do these kinds of thoughts get in the way of your ability to be your best in relationships, in work, and in taking care of yourself with great sleep, rest, nutrition, and exercise habits?

1. I’m not sure if this will work.
2. I may not be good enough to pull this off.
3. Other people can do this, but I don’t think I can.

I have these thoughts. Less and less over time, though. There have been two keys for me:

1. Realizing that thoughts are just thoughts. Realizing that they come and they go. Realizing that fighting with them never works. Then letting them be.
2. Looking honestly at where these kinds of thoughts comes from. This part hurts. These kinds of thoughts typically have roots in past experiences, sometimes painful experiences. It can be tempting to keep these painful past experiences buried inside of us. But looking at them honestly and compassionately frees us from their grips and their effects on the present-day you. And those worries you have at work, at home, in life can be let go of when you take care of them at the roots. Meditation, journaling, and working with a mentor can all be helpful ways of processing past painful experiences. Give it a go. The present-day you will be so much lighter and freer and those worries will start to fade as you become fully aware of your capabilities and they get to shine.

Photo 42--Worrying Woman



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