The Rugged Outdoorsman Who Loves Himself

How committed are you to your well-being? It seems like an easy question. We all tend to think that we, of course, are fully committed to ourselves and how well we feel in life. We all tend to think that we take great care of ourselves. But at closer look, we may find that we actually can be really good at taking care of others, like our partners, our friends, our parents, our children, and sometimes we can neglect our own well-being in the process. We can also get lost in the things we love and lose ourselves in the process.

I made a new friend last week—a really cool guy. Smart, funny, deep, and a true outdoorsman. Among other things, he just loves to fish. We went striped-bass fishing one night and this guy was completely in his element. He also had a wedding band on his right ring finger. He had previously told me that he was not married, so I asked him about it. He told me that he married himself a few years ago. He had previously lost himself in his work, in women, and in some vices. He decided he needed to make a commitment to himself—to be there for himself first and foremost. He fully plans to marry a woman, but only from the pace of first loving himself. I had never heard of anyone marrying themselves and it intrigued me. I’ve been reading about the concept since then and I found this tiny buddha article. I think you’ll really enjoy it. Have a good day and take great care of yourself.

Photo 36--Man Fishing




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