Change Your Diet, Change Your Life

I’m working in a coffee shop and today’s blog is inspired by a gentleman I just spoke with. He’s suffering from type-2 diabetes. He told me that he’s on a strict schedule of checking his blood sugar and taking insulin. He was reading a book on healing from diabetes via nutrition, so naturally I was intrigued to hear what he was doing. He just got the book, he told me, and so we chatted. He told me that he read in the book about hundreds of people getting off of insulin by changing their diets and exercising. I told him I see that all the time. And, as importantly, I see people preventing diabetes and other diseases via exercise and nutrition. If there is a fountain of youth, or at least a fountain of wellness, a lot of it is found in nourishing movement, nourishing food, and a nourishing wellness lifestyle. I gave this gentleman (his name is Brett) my recommendations. He’s going to try out Goot’s Diet. He’ll be drinking half his bodyweight (in pounds) of water (in ounces) each day. He’ll be eating a substantial serving (I gave him the metrics he needs) of vegetables at each meal. He’ll be having some meat (fish, poultry, beef, etc.), eggs, or protein powder at each meal. He’s going to have minimal carbs for the initial few weeks since he can’t be very active yet because of the complications of his diabetes. And I encouraged him to eat nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil, and coconut oil as he likes. He’s working closely with his physician on monitoring his symptoms and his insulin intake. He’s going to keep me posted on how he does in the coming weeks. I suspect as he increases the nutrient-density of his diet substantially and gets the protein, fat, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that his body needs to operate optimally, he’s going to start feeling a lot better. He was ready to make a big change. I’m excited to see what comes. He really wants to be able to play nine holes of golf again, something he can’t do right now. I’d love to see Brett experience this. I’ll keep you posted.

Photo 33--Man Playing Golf



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