Deep Behavior Change

Whether you are making changes to how you eat, how you exercise, how to relate to others, or how you conduct your work, it’s key to look at your deep motivations. Let’s take exercise as an example. People tell me all the time that they know they should exercise, that they want to exercise, but that they just don’t make it happen. Why is this? If they are aware that exercise makes them feel good and has long-term benefits, and they consciously want to exercise, what keeps them from getting it going? It’s often a deeper reason. Scientists estimate that 90 percent or more of our thinking and beliefs about ourselves and life exist below the surface, in our subconscious. If you’re having trouble making the change you’d like to make, this will help:

1. Write. Do some free writing about the change you are working on and get out your thoughts on why you want to make the change and what seems to be stopping you.
2. Talk. Chat with a friend or family member. Be willing to let them help you see what you might not be able to see in yourself that’s temporarily stopping you from improving in the way you want to.
3. Consult. Seek the guidance of a life coach, counselor, or other professional expert at behavior change. Many of these professionals have the tools to help you dig deeper and access your subconscious motivations.

Photo 32--Iceberg



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