Truly Enjoy Eating Today!

When I’m eating with others, I hear statements like this all the time:

• “I shouldn’t have this.”
• “I want to eat better.”
• “I know this isn’t good for me, but at least it has some vegetables in it.”
• “I know I should eat better.”
• “Tonight I’m going to splurge, then tomorrow I’m going back to eating well.”

In our culture, there can be a lot of guilt, or even shame, around eating. The completely natural act of eating, which humans have been doing well and really enjoying for millennia, has become distorted. In a time when food is abundant for most of us, we have a disturbing amount of people with inner conflicts about eating. Here’s my challenge to you: Let it all go! Truly enjoy eating! Find the place inside you where nourishing yourself and enjoying your meals intersects. Question all of your judgments and beliefs about eating that sap your peace and joy around eating. Return to the delight of a young child who eats free of self-judgment.

Photo 26--Woman Enjoying a Strawberry



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