Two Keys to a Long, Thriving Life


According to researcher Leslie Martin when describing the findings of an eight-decade study on longevity: “It was the most prudent and persistent individuals who stayed healthiest and lived the longest.” Martin’s colleague Howard Friedman noted: “We found that as a general life-orientation, too much of a sense that ‘everything will be just fine’ can be dangerous because it can lead one to be careless about things that are important to health and long life. Prudence and persistence, however, led to a lot of important benefits for many years. It turns out that happiness is not a root cause of good health. Instead, happiness and health go together because they have common roots.” Learn more about this eight-decade study known as the Longevity Project, check out this ScienceDaily article.

Piles of Vegetables

Eating lots of vegetables is a common trait of long-living healthy people around the world. Another way of looking at this is: Eat more food, but less calories. Yes: Eat more food. You need food to get nutrients. And vegetables are the most nutrient-dense foods. That is, in 100 calories of say broccoli or asparagus or kale has way more vitamins and minerals than 100 calories of other foods besides vegetables. So a diet high in vegetables is a nutrient-dense diet. When you eat vegetables it’s like buying stocks that get you a 20-percent return. For a low investment in calories, you get a boatload a nutrients, a huge return on investment. Read more about this in this Reader’s Digest article.

Photo 25--Vegetables at a Food Store



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