This Person Needs Your Help

Do you want to make the world a better place? Do you want to help your friends and family to be happier and healthier? If this is you, then the first person that needs your help is you, the person you saw in the mirror this morning. To really thrive, you must take great care of yourself. What the world needs is thriving people.


Many people are great at taking care of others, but have trouble taking care of themselves. They struggle with eating well, making time for exercise, and/or getting enough sleep and rest. They may be hard on themselves and talk to themselves in ways they would never talk to others. Is this you? I think we all have some of this in us at some point in our lives. But we can’t give our all to others if we’re not thriving ourselves. When you’re flying, they always tell you to, in the case of an emergency, put on your oxygen mask first before helping others. If you’re not breathing, you can help anyone else. When you’re really thriving, you can really help others to thrive.

Photo 21--Airplane Oxygen-Mask Instructions

When making decisions about your wellness, ask yourself: How would I treat a young child in my care who had the needs I have at this moment? For example, when you are hungry, simply ask yourself how you’d treat a young child in your care who was hungry? You’d likely get them something nourishing to eat. Simple do the same for yourself. The same goes for meeting all of your other needs. Make it a great day today!



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