The Hotel Workout

Staying well when you are traveling for work can be a challenge—BUT IT’S TOTALLY DOABLE! It starts with a shift in your mindset—It starts with taking that attitude that you can stay well anywhere. I’ve created a simple hotel workout for you. I’ve also outlined a great breakfast, lunch, and dinner you can have virtually anywhere you may travel to. So the next time you travel, do this workout, eat well, drink water throughout the day, and get a good night’s sleep in your awesome hotel bed—sounds pretty good to me! It’s not as hard to stay well on the road as you think.

Hotel Workout

Do the following exercises in circuit. Do one exercise right after the other without any rest in between them. After you’ve completed the circuit, rest for two minutes, then repeat the circuit, doing it two to five times.

1. Jumping Jacks, 2 minutes
2. Chair Dips, as many as you can do in one set
3. Jumping Jacks, 2 minutes
4. Single-Leg Squats, right leg, as many as you can do in one set
5. Single Leg Squats, left leg, as many as you can do in one set
6. Chair Dips, as many as you can do in one set

Photo 16--Jumping Jacks

Diner Breakfast

At a diner, order a vegetable omelet with homefries and a fruit salad. Who says you can’t get a healthy meal on the road?

Salad-Bar Salad

Find a supermarket (they almost all have a salad bar), and make a hearty salad. Start with lettuce, add other veggies, some chicken or fish if you like (or some beans if you’re a vegetarian), some nuts/seeds to add some great crunch, and some olive oil and lemon juice or vinegar for dressing. If you’re still hungry, grab a banana or apple or other piece of fruit.

1-2-3 Dinner

Almost anywhere, you can get a dinner that will start with a serving of meat (fish, chicken, beef, etc.) and come with various side dishes. At almost any restaurant, you can get a piece of fish, chicken, or beef that’s been grilled or broiled. Start there. Then get a side dish of steamed vegetables like broccoli or asparagus or any other vegetable you like. Finish your order with a baked potato, mashed potatoes, rice, yams, or whole grain and go for the least-processed option.



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