Grey Salmon–For Real!

You are what you eat. And you are what your food eats! This is true of both plant foods and animal foods. Plant foods grown in rich soil contain high levels of nutrients. Animals who eat their natural diet develop high levels of nutrients in their flesh that we eat as meat. Let’s look at salmon as one example. There are two forms of salmon that you can buy in most places you can buy fish: farm-raised salmon and wild-caught salmon. Much of the fish sold commercially is now farm-raised. Farm-raised salmon is just that—it’s salmon raised in a fish farm. Farm-raised salmon are fed a grain-based diet. Do you think a grain-based diet is natural to a salmon? Of course not—there are no grains in the ocean! Farm-raised salmon contain much lower levels of nutrients than wild-caught salmon. Here’s an interesting story to really drive this home. When salmon are raised in a fish farm and fed a grain-based diet, their flesh becomes grey! Yes, grey! Why? Because they are lacking in all of the nutrients that normally make their flesh an orange-red color. As a result, farm-raised salmon are fed a synthetic pigment because no one would buy grey salmon filets. Wild-caught fish, on the other hand, eat their natural diet in the ocean. The result is a nutritious option (and naturally orange-red flesh) for you as part of your diet.

Photo 8--Salmon Swimming



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